Mura Masa ‘Firefly’ (Ft Nao)


MURA MASA is as enticing and mysterious as his name suggests. He’s obviously got some clout behind his snazzy name as he’s managed to get London singer Nao to feature on his track ‘Firefly’, a beautiful canvas of shuffly indie beats.

The track loosely and lightly flutters by, like a crafty mash up of Jai Paul via SBTRKT. It feels disjointed, but is clearly far from this. It’s a reserved song, yet one that crams in a plethora of beats and samples and clicks and snaps and shuffles and bells and tinkles and taps and all things that are nice to listen to.

With warm bars and comforting vocals, he’s done a good job of conjuring up the kind of song that a firefly might in fact dance to. Plus, Nao’s interesting vocals give Aluna Francis (from AlunaGeorge) a run for her money in terms of their croakily inviting qualities.

The song is so cut up and sampled that it almost, almost, sounds like PC Music – in essence I suppose it is ‘pc music’, although not quite to the extremes of SOPHIE et al, but at least in terms of the context in which the track was created.

Mura Masa is 18 years old and comes from Guernsey. It’s a teeny tiny island off the coast of Britain (nearer to France) and is renowned for…well, not much really. You can just imagine Mura Masa sitting in his little bedroom in a little cottage in a little village on the little island making this quaintly constructed little song on his pc in a place where there’s not much else going on other than looking out at some beautiful rain washed surroundings that have trickled gently and delicately into the track.

‘Firefly’ comes from Mura Masa’s latest EP, Someday Somewhere.

Words by Katie Rowley





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