I’lls ‘Let Me Have Just One’

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Do you ever listen to a new unknown song in a band’s live set and go, ‘Fuck, this is going to be so big when/if it’s released’? Well, for me, that was this song at last year’s Paradise Music Festival. Today, I thank the gods that I’LLS chose to release this fucking song as their first single from their upcoming EP.

Hearing I’lls close their Paradise with ‘Let Me Have Just One’ was one of the most magical experiences of that festival. What began as a meandering organ filled track, consistently built into a climactic world of searing synths burying into each other. It was impossible to to escape it as the everything meshed into a wall of sound on that night. Just as it’s impossible to escape it on the recorded version.

Just as ‘Fifty-Phiphty’ did last year, ‘Let Me Have Just One’ once again showcases how the Melbourne trio of, Dan Rutman, Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell, can manipulate anything into a game-changing sound. The main difference here being the addition of full vocals courtesy of Lam. As they cut the live percussion from their music for last year’s track, it became more obvious that I’lls were moving towards a club infused take on their song-writing. Whilst this is definitely the case here, with throbbing bass and unstable percussion circling throughout, Lam bring things back a notch and offer a beautiful focus point that falls in between a melting pot sounds.

They may sound atmospheric or angelic or whatever, but the content of the vocals are hard hitting. As Lam punches through the chorus of “Don’t fuck around, the thoughts become profound”, it’s pretty evident that this is a more evolved version of A Warm Reception. Not only are the vocals more aggressive (in a brilliantly poetic way), the instrumentation and composing is more menacing. The keys are darker, the wails are deeper, the content is colder. Old I’lls tracks would quail in comparison to a track like this.

If you ever wanted to listen to club music that retains the beauty of strong songwriting and warm instrumentation, then I suggest you pay attention to I’lls upcoming EP. Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country will be released the week commencing July 6th via Solitaire Recordings. You can pre-order it at the Solitaire Bandcamp.

In addition to being hand picked to play this years Splendour In The Grass, I’lls have also planned a special one-off launch on June 14 at renowned Melbourne venue, Howler. The show will be doubling as a collaboration with music and video artists Sangkhara. “The seated cinematic experience will see the vivid sonic palette of the band expanded to include an expansive visual element, with the two elements intertwining to create a truly immersive performance”.

I’lls Can I Go With You To Go Back To My Country Tracklisting

1. Aves
2. A / B / A
3. Keep
4. Let Me Have Just One
5. Substitutions
6. Agwa

Words by Tom Hutchins
Photo Credit: Angie Pai





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