Baio ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’


One quarter of indie rock heavyweights Vampire Weekend has had a little project on the side for a while now. Going under the name of BAIO (his last name), Chris makes left-field dance music and has just announced a debut solo record for the side project, titled The Names. Along with this, comes the leading single of the release, ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’ – and it doesn’t get more fun than this!

Pulsating, upbeat and loud, ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’ has come just in time for the Northern hemisphere’s summer, and sounds just like it too. Drenched in good vibes and sunshine, the track is unexpectedly huge from a guy who made a name for himself creating the hazy, easy-going numbers in his previous two EPs. This time ’round, it seems he’s taking things up a few levels, and I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Starting off with a variety of seemingly strange sounds, the layering already going on within the first 30 seconds is very impressive. He continues to add more and more, from the bouncy keys to the swelling synths, the voice jabs or subtle finger clicks. His softly sung lyrics are a rare moment of gentle calm, before the glitchy break comes into play. This juxtaposition happens once more before the song takes a split break, before kicking into overdrive.

The bouncing, pulsating keys and banging noises take ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’ just that little bit further, catching  you by surprise before even more is added into the mix. Baio‘s layering and control over just how much is happening in his song is what makes it such a stand out, proving there is a hell of a lot more going on with him than playing the bass in Vampire Weekend.

Unfortunately, the song just suddenly ends, leaving it feeling just that little bit unfinished, but it’s not all that surprise given the unpredictability of the track. ‘Brainwash yyrr Face’ gives a very exciting first taste into The Names, which is expected to drop in September – an album we are very excited about!

Words by Emma Jones.





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