Groovin The Moo Wrap Up Feat. The Artists & Crew


Australia’s favourite regional touring festival Groovin The Moo is over for another year and to wrap it up, we asked a long list of artists including HERMITUDE, BROODS, THE PREATURES, CARMADA and many more, to share with us their own view on what made it so successful in 2015. Take it away guys and girls!


Tour Highlight: Peaches rockin out in her dildo suit.

Funniest Moment: Someone let off a fire extinguisher and decimated the green rooms next to us? We’re still not sure if that was funny or just stupid.

Favourite Performance: DMA’s in the tent the first day.

Best Backstage Buddies: There were a lot – DMAS, San Cisco, Sticky Fingers, The Delta Riggs.


Tour Highlight: A full crowd holding up their phones during ‘The Buzz’. The whole place lit up like a space station! It was beautiful.

Funniest Moment: Gusto got so psyched during his drum solo in ‘Through The Roof’ in Bunbury he smashed his cymbal right off the riser. What a beast!

Favourite Performance: Really loved watching Broods. Some beautiful sounds, offbeat rhythms and angelic vocals over the top made an entrancing set.

Best Backstage Buddies: One Day Crew. They’re our homies from Sydney and having them around the whole tour was a beautiful thing!


Tour Highlight: Performing on stage with Carmada. We did their song ‘On Fire’ together and then performed their remix of my song ‘Doing It’ for the first time ever. The crowd were wild, it was cool.

Funniest Moment: Running on stage with Tkay Maidza at A$AP Ferg‘s show in Canberra and dancing like a moron.

Favourite Performance: Wolfmother. They killed it every night.

Best Backstage Buddies: Tkay Maidza. I love her. We did some sideshows together. She’s so sweet and so talented. I love her!!!!


Tour Highlight: Watching Peaches perform. Her show is one of the craziest, no fucks given type shows on the planet! Her dancers had the most insane costumes eg. Unicorns, athletes and giant vaginas. I’ll never forget that show, ever.

Funniest Moment: Sting Pong with Carmada.

Favourite Performance: It’s hard to pick one because the Groovin The Moo crowds were some of the best in general. But I enjoyed Canberra a lot!

Best Backstage Buddies: Flight Facilities are awesome. Those dudes are the greatest and they have the insanely talented Owl Eyes singing for them. The Charli XCX crew were all really fun and lovely. They came to NZ for a show amongst the GTM tour too.

ZAN ROWE (Triple J)

Tour Highlight: Inviting 11 year old EDM lord Black Summer to join me on stage for my final set in Canberra. Rhys had never been to a gig, let alone played one and his hometown made him feel welcome. Originally he only agreed to drop a couple of bangers, he did so well (on his first live go on the CDJs no less) that I asked him to do the whole set. It was awesome.

Funniest Moment: Every 5am lobby call on Sunday to get to the next place, after the epic night before. LOL but also OW.

Favourite Performance: It’s like asking me to pick a favourite child! I also missed quite a bit, because I was DJing and traveling during some of the sets…but A$AP Ferg nailed it every time.

Best Backstage Buddies: Also a tough call. GTM 2015 was the blueprint for camaraderie, with so many great artists who were all friendly and all very much family. The Delta Riggs really took care of me through the whole tour though, as I was a solo player with no crew and Monty’s cuddles can’t be beat. Particularly at 5am lobby calls.


Tour Highlight: Having a brass quartet with Charli XCX on stage in Maitland was unreal.

Funniest Moment: Getting slammed by Caleb from Broods in Sting Pong.

Favourite Performance: Hermitude dropping new shit from their new album Dark Night Sweet Light.

Best Backstage Buddies: Wolfmother


Tour Highlight: Meeting Peaches. Her live show is just WILD (and highly educational for someone like myself). Really, just being on the tour was a highlight. The fact that GTM let their company accountant invade the stage before The Delta Riggs every day of the tour still astonishes me. Even after I ended up on crutches!

Funniest Moment: Trying to understand what Jen from Ball Park Music was saying as she stuffed her mouth and made one of the quickest exits from a dinner table to a stage that I’ve ever seen. I admire folks who don’t waste food, so I was very impressed.

Favourite Performance: So, so many – Sticky Fingers, San Cisco, Carmada and watching A$AP Ferg literally destroy the stage after inviting way too many people from the crowd to join them up there. The Delta Riggs absolutely killed it every time too. I have a real weakness for harmonica. Tkay Maidza was so good I blew out a knee while dancing to her set in Bendigo. I could go on, but I should leave some room so other people can get a word in edgeways.

Best Backstage Buddies: The wonderful Zan Rowe, the pictorially fantastic GTM photographers and the always lovely GTM crew.

TARRYN MORRIS (Groovin The Moo)

Tour Highlight: Straight up Maitland going ahead has to be a massive highlight! After the floods, we didn’t actually know if the show would happen but mother nature came through with the goods and it was a pretty magical day.

Funniest Moment: Jenny Hill – Mayor of Townsville getting up on stage and dancing with Peaches’ sexy dancers. There are a heap more but what happens on tour stays on tour.

Favourite Performance: Too hard to pin-point one, but I would say A$AP Ferg was pretty EPIC! Then I would have to say seeing Peaches and her giant inflatable penis is something I will never forget. I have a soft spot for the One Day crew and Sticky Fingers so seeing both of them perform STFI’s track ‘Gold Snafu’ together made me feel warm and fuzzy. Hermitude performing their new material, especially ‘The Buzz’ was pretty electric. All of the bands were RAD so this is a hard question.

Best Backstage Buddies: Peaches takes out the LEGEND award for GTM 2015. I would say just seeing everyone who has been involved in past GTM shows – the bands, managers, photographers, event teams, production teams, EVERYONE! It’s a big reunion and then you also get to meet rad new humans like Marty Baller (A$AP Ferg‘s wingman).

Compiled by Tony Kingston
Photo credit: Aaron Ashley 




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