CE ‘Mudra’ (Official Video)


San Francisco raised musician, CE is normally making rap tunes as one half of hip-hop duo Quincy Vidal. But with solo release single ‘Mudra, we see him take a more soulful approach towards music.

After two years of attempts, Crooked Letter Films finally funded and made the official music video for CE’s final track on his 2012 debut album, ‘Mudra’.  A gospel-inspired track in memory of his deceased father.

It’s so exciting to see a rapper move into more sensitive terrain with his music. In ‘Mudra’, CE uses the stripped back foundations of soul and gospel music with resounding vocals and subtle harmonies. He then intelligently combines them with a hint of trip-hop, adding a simple bassline and subtle synths. These elements work seamlessly together, making the track an incredibly nuanced piece of music. A layered piece of minimalist neo-soul that’ll resonate with you on a deeper level and provoke you to think about anyone you’ve ever missed.

The music video, directed by Gabriel Gomez, is also a beautifully honest piece of work. We see the Brooklyn based musician, sitting solemnly on a stool in a studio space surrounded by studio lights. In sync with the beats and bass of the track, the lights cast various beams of colour over CEs body as he sings the synth-soul acapella to himself.

CE released his 2012 album, Siddha, in response to his father’s sudden death. The final track ‘ Mudra’ features the self recorded vocals of his father from when he was just a child. With this knowledge in mind, it’s hard to deny that the video is a beautiful depiction of the artists state of mind, experiencing various degrees of vulnerability, strength, hope and fear.

Listen to more CE via Soundcloud.

Words By Kirsty Marillier