cln ‘Hold Me’


South Africa turned Brisbane native, CLN, has delivered a sonic delight straight to your ears with his new single ‘Hold Me’. It is the first original tune he has released since this time last year and it was worth waiting for. This silky track is simple in terms of instrumentation and structure, but don’t let that fool you – it is rich, full sounding and powerful in its simplicity.

Callan Alexander is the talent behind cln and it is hard to believe he is only 19 years old, considering the sounds and production he is capable of creating. He already appears to be have been accepted as a serious contender in the Australian music scene, performing with the likes of Katie Noonan last month, and providing killer remixes for tracks from artists including Kilter, Odesza and Japanese Wallpaper.

‘Hold Me’ begins slowly, with a soft organ interlaced with cln’s smooth vocals as he sings the emotional plea, “hold me down ‘til my feet touch the ground”. When the beat kicks in, it doesn’t detract from the chilled out tone, it just enhances it. Cln’s vocals are the centrepiece, which is no surprise, as his vocals are sumptuous and fluid, with grandeur well beyond his years, and you can definitely hear influences of Bonobo in his downtempo approach. The track hits a powerful note towards the end as the drums, synths and vocals reach a unanimous high for a sublime finish.

‘Hold Me’ is currently available as a free download on Soundcloud, so grab it while you can.

Cln’s EP ‘Found’ is due for release June 2015.

Words by Stephie Colless





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