Tour Essentials: Black Vanilla

black vanilla tour

Black Vanilla could confidently throw their metaphorical hats in the ring for the title of Sydney’s leading electronic super group.

Comprising three locals lads, Lips, Lockheart and DJ Plead, you may well know them better as Scissor Lock/one half of Collarbones, Guerre and/or Cassius Select, and local producer/music blogger Marseilles. They’re kind of like a modern day male Destiny’s Child with an intricate knowledge of how to make a twerkalicious 90’s style R&B hook, and with hair that Harry Styles could only dream about.

Their back catalogue shows depth and range, as well as expert bedroom-style production. From slower back burners like ‘Call Your Husband’ to the smoothly thumping ‘Jack’d Up’ and plain raucous ‘Black Vanilla Theme’, the band are making exciting and provocative music.

Originally intended to remain as an exclusive recorded project, the boys clearly felt that they couldn’t keep their heavy beats and dancefloor-ready synth hooks to themselves, and have made the decision to take their jumped up tunes to live venues round the country.

You can catch them in Melbourne for Golden Plains this weekend, with a sideshow at Shebeen Bandroom on Sunday 8th March. They’ll be playing Sydney’s Civic Underground later in the month on Friday 20th March. Tickets and links can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

We were lucky to catch the boys just before they head out on the road, and asked them what they simply can’t do without:


1. Tour Scarf(s)

‘We never leave for a tour without at least two scarfs each. They are essential for sleeping at airports and looking slick on the streets of host cities. In case of tour injuries they can be used as a tourniquet or bandage.’

Black Vanilla tour

2. Fresh Water Canal

‘We always have to find one of these in the city we play in to ensure that we remain clean and hydrated for our profusely sweaty sets.’

Black Vanilla tour

3. Friends

‘*always and forever*’

Black Vanilla tour

4. Fruits

‘All the salt that is being consumed through snack products like hot mix and rock salt flavoured gourmet potato chips needs to be counteracted by significant consumption of healthy fruits. We also eat them to prevent tour constipation.’

Black Vanilla tour

5. Eye shadow

‘To make our eyes pop.’

If you’ve managed to get Golden Plains tickets be sure to check the boys out and watch them do their thing, and if you’re in Melbourne on the 8th head down to Shebeen!

Words by Katie Rowley





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