Coda Conduct ‘Pool Room’

Purple Sneakers

Coda Conduct are Erica and Sally, perhaps two of the feistiest women to come out of Canberra for a while. They rap fast and furiously about femininity; with lines like ‘how can she rap when she’s got a poonani’. Their new track ‘Pool Room’ is one of those songs that aims to be unironically ironic…or even ironically unironic. Either way, on first listen perhaps take it with a pinch of salt.

‘Pool Room’ opens with a shouty call and answer spelling out of “coda”, and in terms of production it retains this strong bedroom sound. This is certainly the most aggressive song on their debut EP, Butter Side Up, with gratuitous swearing and a bolshy spoken-rap style.

Reminiscent of DENA‘s ‘Cash, Diamonds, Rings, Swimming Pools’, the track is quirky, defiant and divisive. For everyone who loves its confident female sass, there will be someone asking you to turn that racket off. Importantly, it displays the girls’ informed wit as well as their keenness to tackle gender politics.

Coda Conduct have played gigs alongside Pharoahe Monch, Tkay Maidza and Joelistics, always entertaining crowds with an infectious energy. They are part of the Capslock Collective, a Canberra crew of hip hop artists, and also perform regularly with Starfly Sydney, an all-ladies music, dance and art posse known for their massive block parties. As you can see it’s all very community-minded, not least because Coda Conduct’s first collection of tracks comes to fruition thanks to a Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

The launch party for their EP will take place at Oxford Art Factory on Thursday April 16, where the girls will be joined by other Starfly singers, DJs and MCs as well as body painters, B-girls and street wear giveaways. Get involved!

Words by Katie Rowley





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