Purple Sneakers Experiences Mountain Sounds 2015

Mountain Sounds 2015-1

I went along to experience the second addition of Mountain Sounds Festival on the weekend, which featured some highly enjoyable performances by ALISON WONDERLAND, TOUCH SENSITIVE, THE KITE STRING TANGLE, DZ DEATHRAYS, NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE and many more. In a collaborative effort, the ultra talented Nick Lalak took some stunning photos for us, while I turned my memories into text, to help recreate the unforgettable imagery the festival had to offer. Here’s what went down!

Mountain Sounds 2015-2

It’s pretty amazing how far TKAY MAIDZA has come in a relatively short space of time. There was certainly a buzz happening backstage at Mountain Sounds while she was present and everyone just wanted to be around her. If people weren’t around her, the chances are they were talking about her, especially after that performance in the dance tent.

Mountain Sounds 2015-3

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to interview NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE on the day and as I had hoped, they were absolute legends! I don’t think I’ve met a band with so many hilarious stories to tell. The boys mentioned they were terrified to play after DZ DEATHRAYS at Falls Festival, but on this occasion it was their turn to set the bar high and as usual, they nailed it!

Mountain Sounds 2015-4

Possibly the best part of this festival was that it all seemed so intimate. The stages were less than a few minutes walking distance between each other, couches were laid out on the grass for people to relax on and everyone was generally very respectful and up for a good time. It honestly felt like a close friend or relative had invited us all over for a party on their farm. This feeling definitely arose for me as I walked up closer to the stage for DZ DEATHRAYS. It was unusual to have so much room in front of a band like this, especially at a sold out event.

Mountain Sounds 2015-5

The biggest improvement this year was easily the dance tent. There’s just something about being in them at festivals which allows performances to feel like a shared experience. Close to a dozen people were on their peers’ shoulders by the time TOUCH SENSITIVE played ‘Pizza Guy’. “When I made this, I never thought this would happen. This is amazing!” he flattered the crowd. Set of the day hands down!

Mountain Sounds 2015-6

Wrapping it up for another year, ALISON WONDERLAND treated attendees with one of her most production heavy shows ever. We’re already looking forward to next year!

Words by Tony Kingston
Photos by Nick Lalak
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