Say Lou Lou ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’


SAY LOU LOU are an Australian-Swedish twin sister duo. It’s an unlikely pairing, quite literally poles apart, but one undoubtedly blessed with great genes. ‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’ is the lead single from their upcoming debut album, Lucid Dreaming, and jumps straight into the staple ‘oooh’ ‘aaah’ soft wails of girl pop.

The track deals with the damaging effects of a lost love, if such an unashamed pop track can be said to ‘deal with’ anything. It makes for the fantastic heady synth sound that Scandinavian chicks do so well – Say Lou Lou can easily be aligned with artists like Tove Lo, Robyn, Ta-Tu, Icona Pop, and dare we even say it, ABBA?

Despite surly, almost disinterested verses, it is the chorus that carries the single – it’s an explosion of 80s style synth and drums with chord progressions simple enough to make it catchy. It’s the kind of song that would do well set against an emotional montage of a teen angst movie as the rain pours on our downbeat protagonist.

The girls have a sophisticatedly dated look and their Instagram is full of classically muted portraits, silk blouses and old-fashioned coiffed hair. Their look is more like a throwback to the girl power of Bananarama or the clean cut Carpenters, but their working credits are bang up to date including Norwegian disco king Lindstrøm and everyone’s favourite hipster, Chet Faker, on 2013’s ‘Fool of Me’, a quietly poignant track that slipped under the radar.

‘Nothing But A Heartbeat’ won’t ruffle any feathers, but if you want a soothing easy listen of pure pop fun then the album is set to offer plenty more girl power. The single was released on February 6th via A Deux, their own label, and Lucid Dreaming is set to be released on April 6th.

Words by Katie Rowley





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