Ara Koufax ‘Market’


Out of 10 how much do you vibe to saxophone? If you said a number between 1 and 10 this song is for you. As a tribute to “the time of year when you can leave home without a jacket and walk on war, springy concrete all night”, Ara Koufax have created a fresh, original and funky piece fitting into the flexible house music mould.

Sam Mullaly (City Calm Down) carries the song through with his incredible improvisational saxophone work which intertwines in and out of the overdriven sensitive chords and obscure percussion said to be reminiscent of David Axelrod.

With a lot of saxophone samples used throughout recent song releases (significantly in the pop genre), it is hard to incorporate it’s use without listeners thinking “oh, more saxophone…” But this song has done it. Ara Koufax and Sam Mullaly have broken the seal and are doing both their genre and their instrument proud.

This is funky, experimental and exciting and if it doesn’t make you want to go for a drive in the rain or sit down in the shower I don’t know what will.

“The weather is perfect. Everyone is here and we’re all so happy to see you.” – Ara Koufax about Market.

Words by Stella Cameron



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