The TBC Club ft. Dimes, Deuces + More


The TBC Club is once again giving you reason  to turn your your weekend into a two-day bender, throwing back-to-back parties this Friday and Saturday night. Gracing the Brisbane-favourite this weekend will be DIMES, DEUCES, and plenty of other local acts. It may only be Monday, but the weekend is already looking promising.

DIMES is the combination of Korrupt and EmmaG, “an all out, no bars hold DJ and production duo that create powerful and diverse music within the bass music scene”. Having already successful solo careers, their collaborative performance this Friday night will be their first of many as new TBC Club residents. Drawing inspiration from the likes of What So Not, RL Grime and Bauuer, I can already predict plenty of bangers are in store. All I can say is, prepare to get down on the d-floor.

The duo are remaining quite secretive, but here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Back this one up on Saturday night with DEUCES (aka Jack & Grant), who will have a heap of original material and a number of killer remixes for you, including tracks from Kilter and Akouo. Check out their SoundCloud here.

Find all the event info here:

The TBC Club ft. Dimes

The TBC Club ft. Deuces

Words by Clare Mingorance