Romare ‘Prison Blues’


Inspired by American artist and writer Romare Bearden, London producer of the same name ‘ROMARE’ has quite literally applied the former artists cut-and-paste techniques in visual art to his own unique and stylised music.

Inarguably distinctive as a result of this technique Romare’s unmatched approach to his music can be seen in his most recent release ‘Prison Blues’, which is a small taste of the upcoming debut album ‘Projections’ which will be released February 23rd of this year.

Fearless of his own innovation and founded with a perspective unique in itself, ‘Prison Blues’ highlights Romare’s explorations into African-American life and history siphoning it through sounds cut-copied from differing media outlets and placing it over a rumbling bass.

Though Romare’s technique works incredibly it also makes for some pretty interesting listening, some of his cut-copy additions appearing spontaneously within his songs but which are masterfully woven. At one point within the ‘Prison Blues’ track a ‘large cat?’ growl weaves it way through the various layers, at another a dog barks in the distance, at another comes a clapping track.

With these additions it’s safe to say that one will never be bored when listening to ‘Prison Blues’ or anything from Romare’s discography for that matter.

Busy currently touring Europe, Romare’s ability to create tunes of such individuality are what will turn him into a force to be reckoned with in 2015. For more of Romare and to see him live, check him out at the following dates:

Sat, 24th January 2015
Minimuzikhol, Turkey

Sat, 21st February 2015
Oslo Hackney, London

Sat, 21st March 2015
Oslo Hackney, London

Thur, 11th June 2015
Carreglwyd Wood, West + Wales

Words by Julie Fenwick



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