Oscilla ‘Right Here’ ft. Kacee


OSCILLA is the recent project of Adelaide man MIKE WILLS, and so far he’s done nothing but impress. We were totally hooked when he released his track ‘Colours’, which featured fellow Aussie Allume, and now WILLS has lived up to all expectations (and quite possibly exceeded them) with his latest release ‘Right Here’, featuring the vocals of KACEE.

The dreamy sound of track, consisting of rhythmic percussion and soothing synths, will only leave you wanting more. WILLS’ fine production blends perfectly with the male vocals of KACEE, creating the kind of tune that will have you swaying, despite whether you intended to or not.

Sense something familiar about the vocals from this track? I’ll give you a hint… think large, pink birds. The vocals are actually Adelaide band Flamingo‘s own KACEE HEIDT, who too had a extremely promising 2014.

As well as killing it on his own tracks, WILLS has also shown off his remixing capabilities on Sylvan Esso‘s ‘Dreamy Bruises’, which can be found on his SoundCloud.

In his short time as OSCILLA, WILLS sure has started to create a name for himself, solidifying his place in the electronic music scene, and without a doubt proving himself as one to watch in the future.

I’m predicting exciting things to come.

Words by Clare Mingorance