Leno Lovecraft ‘Platinum Planet’ EP


Leno Lovecraft’s Facebook profile pic is a slightly perturbing image of what appears to be an androgynous human face, modified with a computerised, pixelated skin texture.

It’s unnervingly robotic and plastic, yet still somewhat real. And so is the sounds and stylings of his new EP ‘Platinum Planet’ EP, which sees electronica warped through a blend of J pop and primitive computer sound bites.

Lovecraft’s EP comes at a brilliant time for cyber savvy electro, with label PC music gaining a fair bit of media friction. It seems as if the world is truly nostalgic for those anarchic start up sounds that radiated from our huge apple computer screens and those sugary instrumentations that played with us as we raced in Mario Kart. I guess everything truly does have its own renaissance period.

The EP comes out of a collaboration with Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project with the aim of “free downloads/friends only/ bi-weekly”. Lovecraft’s EP is the latest offering from the initiative.

With tracks names such as ‘Alien Island’, ‘High Definition Emotion’ and ‘Holographic Waterfalls’, there is no subtly in what kind of record this is. Seapunks will rejoice, your 40 year old mother, not so much. Title track ‘Platinum Planet’ is the definite standout with Lovecraft culling back his use of vocal distortion to create an enjoyable sweet pop gem.

Platinum Planet is a strange and surreal EP that takes you into the future by integrating technological  sounds of the past. It’s an acid trip filtered through an nintendo game cube, which whilst bizarre, is also exciting and explorative.

Words by Isabella Trimboli