Kindness ft. Robyn ‘Who Do You Love?’ (Jeremy Sylvester Bump Mix)


Kindness’ record Otherness was a blistering slice of melodic funk that truly stood out in 2014. Collaborating with other pop and r’n’b aficionado such as Dev Hynes and Kelela, the album was an ambitious feat, yet a fully recognised one; with the album playing on heartbreaking honesty and sensuality in equal measure.

One of the album’s best tracks “Who Do You Love?” paired Kindness’ groovy soundscapes with dance pop auteur Robyn soft, yet stark vocals. It was a gut wrenching, heartfelt ballad and the melding of two perfect collaborators.

But this collaboration is now moving beyond the pair and into the hands of the some of the best DJs around. This week Kindess released a Remix EP “Who Do You Love?” featuring reworking from Joakim and Jam City. But its UK producer Jeremy Sylvester that’s remix stands out amongst the pack.

The quiet ambience of the original tune is turned on its head and transforming into a dance ready anthem; a joyful, elated version that highlights the best aspects – such as Robyn’s vocals – of the original track.  It’s a sleek, exuberant effort that should be filling dance clubs this world over.

Words by Isabella Trimboli