Casa Del Mirto ‘Reflex’


CASA DEL MIRTO have been pumping out music since the mid noughties, with the Italian trio known for their high energy dance floor electronica. But recently their work has taken a dramatic turn, transforming into some seriously lush, thoughtful chillwave. This is more than evident in new track Reflex, a choice cut from the group’s upcoming long player ‘Still’.

The song begins with whimsical chimes, hollow synths and uniquely hypnotic vocals – the later of which bore some influence to 90s house. The reverb attached the vocals creates this vintage, nostalgic feeling, sounding something quite like Bobby Gillespie in those early Primal Scream records. 

As the song moves along, these sparse instrumentation is enriched with orchestral flourishes that help the song reach an overwhelming crescendo. It’s the kind of music you’d expect to hear as soundtrack to a heartwarming, coming-of-age flick.  It’s moving, evocative sounds that don’t need lyrics to express it’s intent. 

Like the portrait on their album artwork, which features a ghostly pale girl submerged into pool of water, the track is a haunting, immersive experience that demands repeat listens for solitary moments.

‘Still’ will be out on the 26th of January through Ghost Records, but until then, bliss out to ‘Reflex’.

Words by Isabella Trimboli