Female Artists To Watch In 2015


New years is notorious for being a little bit of a ‘let down.’ Even if you go into it feeling great, motivated, positive etcetera etcetera , you normally wake up on January 1st wildly hung over and then hey presto the tone is set for the rest of your year.

In order to ensure your 2015 is as awesome as it can be, we’ve put together a list of upcoming female artists that will keep you feeling fine in those darker days. Sadly, we can’t do much about your lingering hangover…

Our top four picks for women making waves in the music scene sees a diverse list of talented artists from every corner of the globe. While this list is only scratching the surface of what impressive things are happening in the music world at the moment, it aims to shine a little light on four very hard working, very deserving ladies who we think are getting it just right.

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First up is New York songstress VÉRITÉ. Not only did the young artist release her debut single ‘Strange Enough’ in early 2014, she also went on to offer up her EP ‘Echo’, followed most recently by an impressive remix version of the 4 track EP. VÉRITÉ has made herself well and truly known in the neighbourhood throughout the year, but all signs point to ‘more to come.’ Her pop-alt vibes with a real focus on her strength as a vocalist and lyricist combine to give us a collection of catchy but complex tracks that really do call for repeated listening. VÉRITÉ deploys a smokey, atmospheric sense through her music, layered with pop hooks and melodies that work to intrigue and hypnotise.

The track that kick started all of this for her ‘Strange Enough’ has a haunting beauty about it that is sure to send chills down your spine, but it’s the re-work on her remix release that is the real winner. LA duo CAROUSEL took the broody and reflective original track and morphed into something that brings the pop element of VÉRITÉ’s music to the forefront. Others featured on the remix edition of ‘Echo’ include NICITA, PENGUIN PRISON and LIGHT WAVES.

Considering her achievements in 2014, VÉRITÉ is set for a big year ahead and us, like many others in the global music community will be right there beside her.

Keep up with her musical happenings and listen to her debut EP ‘Echo’ over on her Soundcloud.



Bringing the focus back to our own shores with the next artist, we have CULTRA. Way back in 2011, we first covered the incredible voice that belongs to KRISTINA MILTIADOU, the Melbourne girl with raw talent and strong, soulful vocals. At the time, MILTIADOU was embarking on a project that saw her collaborate with a bunch of other artists and use not much more than their voices and a few instruments to perform a cover of a song for the appropriately titled project ‘Covers.’

Since then, MILTIADOU has seen her career move forward in leaps and bounds, with 2014 seeing her work alongside artists like ILLY, PEKING DUK and THE ASTON SHUFFLE. Now working under the name CULTRA, the Melbourne artist is looking forward to more collaborative projects as well as releasing her own music in the New Year.

Besides her work on ‘Tightrope’ CULTRA has spent part of the year on a national tour with THE ASTON SHUFFLE, as well as performing with them at the recent Stereosonic music festivals. As if that wasn’t enough, the list keeps going as CULTRA has also been snapped up by electro duo PEKING DUK, performing vocals for them while on tour this year.

CULTRA has a wild, energetic presence that definitely resonates through her music, and a set of lungs that put many to shame. Keep an eye on her through 2015 as she begins to focus on her solo performance, which we’re pretty excited to see.

Keep up to date with CULTRA via her Facebook and Soundcloud.



ECLAIR FIFI aka CLAIR STIRLING may not be a ‘new’ act per se, but she is another female artist we deem very worthy of watching closely as the New Year rolls around. She is the Edinburgh native who has been doing great things in the realm of dance music from the ripe old age of 16. FIFI is a major part of Scottish label Lucky Me, responsible for a string of amazing names including RUSTIE, CASHMERE CAT and LUNICE.

As well as her work with Lucky Me, she has been a resident DJ for BBC Radio One, and a host of Rinse FM. Amongst her talents as a DJ, ECLAIR FIFI has also recently completed her Illustration & Visual Communication degree, and her skill set includes not only music and illustration but styling, design and art curation. This, ladies and gentlemen, is no one trick pony.

ECLAIR FIFI puts together eclectic sets that are never refined to one genre. Be it her parents influence of Detroit Techno shining through, her love for RnB, electro or rap, or her talent for scouting new and upcoming artists, ECLAIR FIFI couldn’t bore you if she tried.

Still performing at home and internationally, ECLAIR FIFI is responsible for bringing Scotland and its thriving dance scene into the lime light.

Keep tabs on this artist by checking out her aurally pleasing Soundcloud feed, strongly suggested.

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Our fourth and final artist is Londoner BILLIE BLACK. She’s only 19, so yes, she’s another one of those high achievers here to make you think about where you’re at in terms of you know…doing stuff. BILLIE BLACK has done some pretty high achieving this year, recently dropping her debut EP ‘000 100’. Jazzy, sultry vocals paired up with minimal beats and whirling synths, this young gun is onto something. Slick production has got BILLIE BLACK compared to the likes of BANKS, not bad for a new kid on the block.

The minimalism in her tracks draws attention to the soft yet edgy vocals that are the highlight in each of the 4 tracks featured on’ 000 100′. BILLIE BLACK’s music has a certain air of nonchalance, an easygoing vibe that makes for some very easy listening. A jazzy, RnB fusion that leaves room for minimal electro sounds makes for some really interesting work by the artist, hence our eagerness for what’s to come in 2015 when word gets around.

If you do one thing this holiday season, it should be giving BILLIE BLACK’s track ‘I Waited For You’ a listen. An atmospheric sound scape littered with those delicate soulful vocals make for an emotive, effortless product.

We suggest you look her up, Soundcloud details HERE.

Well there you have it, a list of four reasons why women in music (and everywhere) rule – as if you didn’t already know that.

Happy listening!

Words By Adriana Barro



Before I disappoint anyone, I don’t have a hobby and can’t do any weird party trick shit, but hey that’s still fine in my books.