Artists To Watch In 2015: Melty


You heard it here folks: 2015 is shaping up to be year of the MELTY. “What is a MELTY?” I hear you ask, from way over there in your Wi-Fi-less hole in the earth. Well, I’m going to answer that burning question for you in the next few passages – but I’m also going to answer your question with another question: Are you ready to lose you’re goddamned headspace?

MELTY is a young gun producer from the depths of Sydney, Australia (aka our backyard) who makes leftfield future-rave bangerz. Shortly put – it’s fuckin’ nutso.

Lurking around the traps for a few years under the name of SPOONTY, this spectacle-wielding beatmaker may be a familiar face to some, but his new take on self-produced laptop beats is a far, far cry from his usual sound.

SPOONTY was all about the happy, positive vibes – a kaleidoscopic fusion of vibrant samples and airy tones. MELTY is something much more occult, yet drivingly fun. Dark synths and graven samples interlock with one another amongst thick torrents of subbass, whilst pressure is ever building and collapsing in every moment of his masterfully crafted tracks.

Beginning his journey as MELTY earlier this year, the Aussie producer has already seen his new moniker take off with the release of an original EP exploding onto the internet, gathering attention from a few notable names in the process.

Since then, MELTY has appeared on many line-ups with huge names in forward-thinking dance music. Names such as BASENJI, FISHING and RIBONGIA (One of the incredible artists signed to the newly formed OCTOBER RECORDS) have all shared line-ups with MELTY, and for good reason.

Hearing rumours and rumblings of brand new material slowly pushing its way to the surface of his soundcloud page, producer MELTY is certainly showing no signs of running out of steam. With all of this quality talent stemming from one guy, it was a no-brainer for us to have pinned MELTY as one of the upcoming artists to watch over 2015.

Keep it locked to this space for all news MELTY and more. See you in the New Year!

Words by Nick Luke



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