The TBC Club ft. Pantha Du Prince, DJ Butcher + More

Struggling for ideas on what to do this Friday and Saturday night? I’ve got three words for you – The TBC Club. Once again, the Brisbane-favourite will be hosting back to back live acts for all of you regular party-goers. Following up from last week’s visits from Giraffage and brother-duo Two Can, this week will see international act PANTHA DU PRINCE stop by on Friday night, as well as Brisbane local DJ BUTCHER on the Saturday.

German producer Hendrik Weber, known also as PANTHA DU PRINCE, has been on the music scene for a long time, having first released material in 2002. Since then, he has recorded a number of studio albums, two of which include ‘Black Noise’ (2010) and more recently Elements of Light (2012), which was a collaboration with Oslo music collective, The Bell Laboratory.

Said to fuse house, techno, shoegazy electronica and psychedelic electro-acoustic soundscapes into one, the talented producer certainly creates a genre of music truly unique to his own. 

In just the last few moths alone, Weber has touched down in a number of different continents including shows in Europe, Asia, America and now Australia, having recently played at the OutsideIn Festival in Sydney, alongside the likes of Seekae, Cut Copy and Basenji, just to name a few. 

Supporting Weber on the night will be JAD & THE LADYBOY, ADAM SWAIN and HORRATIO FELATIO.

Who better to back up Friday night’s antics than Brisbane-based DJ BUTCHER (Alex Steffan). Kicking off his music career as a producer, he soon explored a new path as a DJ, and his foundations in hip-hop allowed for a smooth transition into the electronic music scene. From his five-track, trap inspired ‘$werve’ EP, to his more recent remix of Kilter’s ‘They Say’, Steffan has received a whole lot of love worldwide, and in the process has become a TBC Club favourite.

Check out all the event info below:

The TBC Club ft. Pantha Du Prince

The TBC Club ft. DJ Butcher

Words by Clare Mingorance