Meanwhile ft. Light Year


The Imperial Hotel seem to be remaining quite mysterious about this Friday night’s Meanwhile plans, but rumour has it that techno/house/electronic master LIGHT YEAR will be stopping by for a night of hectic dance floor antics.

According to his biography, ‘Light Year came to be, many aeons ago, in a celestial orb – just slightly to the east of Australia’s dance music capital, Sydney‘. Although Light Year originally began as a duo, Jordan Fellar has since taken the project solo.

Light Year gained a lot of attention after his first release ‘Night/Vision’, released under an EP of the same name, and seems to have been pushing the boundaries ever since. The last couple of years have seen Fellar make the gradual transition towards the techno/house genres, getting a glimpse of it first with his final Bang Gang release ‘Moderation’, and even more recently on his later EPs ‘Come Together’ and ‘Never Know’.

No news is out on supporting acts yet, but in true Meanwhile style, I’m sure they’ve got something good in store.

Keep your eye out on the Meanwhile Facebook page for more details.

Words by Clare Mingorance