Artists To Watch In 2015: Stax Osset


Melbourne electronic producer and vocalist MEGAN KENT performs under the moniker STAX OSSET, and I’m calling it early, this girl is going places.

STAX OSSET describes her sound as ‘alien dream pop’ and she’s pretty spot on with that description. Her music is an amalgamation of dreamy synths, nostalgic 90’s bubblegum pop, and intricate electronic beats. All the while her soft voice can be found fluttering somewhere underneath, on top or in between these layers, with meaningful lyrics exploring the love, pain and loneliness of human interaction and relationships.

Born and raised in the country, STAX OSSET made the move to Melbourne and has found her feet in a city that feeds off creativity. Although there is so much new and exciting work in the music scene being pumped out at the moment, not only in Melbourne but throughout the country, STAX OSSET has managed to make a real impression in the tough, yet encouraging scene that Melbourne harbours. In the recent past, STAX OSSET has featured on Melbourne rapper ALLDAY’s track ‘Milligrams’ off his debut 2014 EP ‘Start-Up Cult’. The track was then re-recorded as a full version due to high demand from fans, and STAX OSSET got to show off her vocal talents even more the second time around.

Besides collaborative projects, STAX OSSET has just released her first single ‘Symmetry’ and if my spidey senses are in check (and they are), this is going to be a real kick start in what is set to become a successful career for the young artist.

‘Symmetry’ starts off with sweeping nostalgic sounds that are broken only by her delicate voice that I can’t help but liken to FKA TWIGS as they both use their voice to mesmerise, all the while conveying such understated power within the very same vocals. ‘Symmetry’ is the kind of song that has as much potential to be played out in clubs as it does to be played when you’re home alone. It’s catchy, but also deeply reflective in an almost strange way, it’s complete coming together of melancholy and euphoria.

Speaking of the track, STAX OSSET says that her first release aims to highlight the lightness, and darkness of human relationships, and much like the artwork used in conjunction with her music, she explains the importance of symbols, no matter their simplicity, to her work. The official video accompaniment to her first single shows STAX OSSET and her 90’s inspired girl gang dancing their way through the city in the same hallucinogenic state her music seems to gently induce. Interspersed with choppy, psychedelic imagery this video highlights STAX OSSET‘s obsession with dreaming.

Not only has STAX OSSET had a busy year in 2014 collaborating with other artists and working on her own releases, but she has also supported OLIVER TANK and played alongside BANOFFEE at events around Victoria in the past month. This only goes to show the growing interest in her work, and the confidence her humble but loyal fan base have in her ability and talent.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be keeping close tabs on this one. Updates are regularly made over on STAX OSSET’s Facebook page, and you can listen to her music on SoundCloud as well as watch the official video for ‘Symmetry’ on repeat to your hearts content.

Words by Adriana Barro



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