Artists To Watch In 2015: Moon Bounce


I found out about Moon Bounce through a remix Henry Krinkle did of the Long Island raised producers 2012 hit ‘Telephone’. The video got me, complimenting the electro-song-glitch-hop melody that accompanied it so well I often found that when it came on through a SoundCloud shuffle, I would pause it and swap to YouTube just to enjoy the 153 second experience to it’s fullest extent.

Whilst this is where I discovered him, Corey Regensburg had already been releasing music under the alias Moon Bounce for over a year, and it was gaining quite a bit of attention.

2013 proved to be a successful follow up year for Corey, releasing the Wheelhouse EP early on and following up with a TOKiMONSTA remix and featuring as a guest selector for Herschel Supply – he continued the success right through the year dropping ‘Marvelous Beast’ through Portals Music to an excited and consistently growing international fanbase in November.

However it was 2014 that things really started to fall into place for the now Philly based cheesesteak; and to kick it off he released his EP ‘Dress Rehearsal’ through Grind Select, a label he co founded with his ‘forever bb/manager/screwballhomeslice’ Jeremy Garber.

Described by the man himself as ‘mutant pop’ – the EP features hits ‘Shake’ and ‘Whore’, as well as ‘Ouroboros’ and ‘Child’. If you think that Cyril Hahn, Ryan Hemsworth, Snakehips and Henry Krinkle should all get together and have a music baby for the sake of humanity already, you need to stop what you’re doing and download this right now.

Did I mention there was more cool videos for these ones? Don’t watch ‘Shake’ if you’re about to go on a tinder date, but do watch it when (if) you come back because it was nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards alongside Disclosure, Franz Ferdinand and Katy Perry, so, you know, it’s alright.

In between celebrating the success of ‘Dress Rehearsal’, taking cute Instagram photos with his gal and his rabbit, Corey found the time to bless us with double single ‘Fool/Echo Back’ which was met with much love from music blogs worldwide. It’s a little less R&B song vibes and a little more electro pop, whilst still maintaining all the qualities that have captivated his fans.

His newest release continued along that electro pop sound but the R&B influence is still very present. I could almost listen to this and mistake it for a PACES tune, its beat is really happy and boppy and romantic all at the same time. It’s called ‘Body’ and was released through Secret Songs, brain child of Ryan Hemsworth.

Of the song, Corey says, “I wrote this song to celebrate my lady’s body and worship carnal desire. It’s my raunchiest song to date, but also the purest. I didn’t attempt to tackle any complex emotional themes; I just wanted to praise my woman!”

Words by Taylaa Ayliffe




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