Artists To Watch In 2015: Koi Child


As far as new artists go Koi Child is one of the newest in our 2015 Artists to Watch, having released their first single in November but what a single it was. The appropriately titled debut single Slow One is an effortless infusion of big band jazz and hip-hop and best of all it’s completely home grown.

Koi Child is the amalgamation of two Perth based bands. In the nu-jazz corner quartet Kashikoi and in the representing hip-hop is trio Childs Play. The groups came together by chance while jamming at a cafe in Fremantle and something truly jizz worthy was born; cue 7-piece music collective Koi Child.

There is something amazingly refreshing yet ohh so comforting about Koi Child. Yes it is hip-hop and yes they are Australian but this isn’t overtly obvious in their debut. Whether that is because they purposely have stayed away from the heavy accent or because the brass section feels like more of the main event than the vocals at the Koi Child show we’re not too sure. Either way the culturally neutral sound works for them.

Stay tuned to Koi Child in 2015 as they release their debut album.

P.S. They also have the Kevin Parker tick of approval, he mixed Slow One.

Words by Amie Mulhearn


Too old to be new, too new to be classic…