Artists To Watch In 2015: Buzz Kull


Before the likes of Gary Numan and Depeche Mode, the synthesiser had its routes firmly set in the proto –punk rock scene. Buzz Kull are cut straight from this period taking their cues from the likes of The Normal and Human League.

The Sydney duo is very loyal to this period too. From the lo-fi, apathetic style, the brooding, sci-style synthesiser and the gadgety yet simple percussions predating the 808, they have captured the mundane, murkey dystopia of the industrial Britain of the 70’s. Their unique sound (in relation to current bands) has them sending music nerds into overdrive with each DIY song posted deemed a success by the collective blogosphere.

2014 was a quiet year for the band, opening for electronic royalty Holy Fuck in May was the highlight of only a handful of shows. Despite this, the future is bright if you’re Buzz Kull. The band has just recently released the excellent single ‘Dreams’. 

The song is an extension on their sci-fi routes without losing the bleakness that makes them instantly lovable. With the promise of an album to come in 2015 Buzz Kull are definitely one to watch out for in 2015.

Words by Amie Mulhearn


Too old to be new, too new to be classic…