Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm ‘Scope’ EP


Since slicing samples and attempting to create hip hop beats in his bedroom at aged 13 – DRO CAREY / TUFF SHERM – aka Sydney based producer Eugene Ward – has been making his mark on the electronica sphere.

Toying with the boundaries of House and Techno through experimental composition and angular beats, the young hotshot has been basking in the sun of critical acclaim. His musical offerings – categorised under the dark, beat-friendly Tuff Sherm and the more ambient inclined Dro Carey, have found a home on lauded labels such as Opal Tapes, Reckno and Berceuse Heroique. For a special release on Templar Sounds however,both of his music monikers are teaming up to deliver an exhilarating record of distorted house.

The Scope/Human Parcel EP, finds the producer delving darker and more subversive within the dance genre. The “Scope” side of the EP – which can be accredited to Tuff Sherman – is a brilliant slice of industrial grit. The title track ‘Scope’,  sees Ward revisiting his roots through the integration of loose hip hop beats which guide the tempo throughout.

However Ward puts his  dark spin on things, with looped vocal samples initiating a robotic hysteria, generating an almost claustrophobic atmosphere around the track. Prime Engine is Scope’s more experimental counterpart- more sparse, it sounds like something that would be found on the discographies of 80s industrial legends such as Throbbing Gristle and Fad Gadget. It’s insane to think that Eugene creates all these retro, dense sounds just on his computer – they truly breathe the warmth of analogue.

The Dro Carey track ‘Human Parcel’ retains a darker sound, however is uplifted through the inclusion of soft synthesiser samples that juxtapose itself against the harsh deep bass, creating a unique set of sounds.The slow tempo of the song is speed up in the more dance friendly remix by Dj Vague that also finds a place on the EP.

Scope/Human Parcel is a exciting record that finds Ward asserting his own sound and points at promising things to come for this young Sydney producer.

Scope/Human Parcel is out now through Templar Sounds.

Words byIsabella Trimboli