Wayward ‘Baile’

Daydreaming of summertime, holidays and other warm surroundings. In need of a soundtrack to said daydream? Try Baile for size.
Proving that some people are just really really good at making tunes is London duo WAYWARD, the musical brain child of Lawrence Gale Hayes and Louis Greenwood brought to you by the good people at Black Butter Records. 

Baile brings together a mixed bag of percussion with a with a melting synth-line over the top. This combination could easily be a top notch listen on its own, cue the brass section and a cheeky slice of looping vocals. What we’ve got here is one damn fine tropical ear-worm, soothing to the mind, the body and the soul. All that just in time for spring as long as you’re listening from the southern hemisphere.

But wait there’s more. Baile is just the start of even more synth-tastic things to come. It is the first track from WAYWARD’s gorgeous debut EP Ugetsu which builds on the blissed out summer vibes created in Baile. Ugetsu is available to stream and download from the usual sources.

Words by Amie Mulhearn



Too old to be new, too new to be classic…