SoundCloud Wrap: Hatch

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HATCH is innovative in his own respect, something that is well received, I feel. Encompassing blues and bass the artist’s sound is anything but conventional.

His upbringing saw him pick up a violin at age 5. His roots may lie in classical music (particularly for the majority of his life), but he’s utilised this priceless skill to his advantage, creating sounds with a level of complexity that would need the knowledge and skills of someone like HATCH.

He’s just released his debut single ‘New Direction’ which you can listen to below. It encompasses the bouncy, light hearted nature of synths with the deep, almost sensual nature of this brand of slower dance music. HATCH has gathered 10 of his faves as of late to bring us today’s SoundCloud Wrap.

HATCH ‘New Direction’

“My debut release as HATCH and one of the first tracks I’ve sung on. This one has been a while in the works since the initially conception, but I’m very proud of the final progress and the boys did an amazing job remixing it!”

OSCAR KEY SUNG ‘Holograms (Zuri Akoko Remix)’

“Gotta shout out to some local Aussie female talent. Love the future RnB vibes of the original. ZURI Kicks it up notch with her vocal additions and abstract drum programming! Tasty.”

JON HOPKINS ‘Collider’

“Dark brooding electronica/techno vibes. Not everyones cup of tea, but I love the experimental sound textures and progression Jon achieves through his music. Defo one to kick back, close your eyes and embark on a sonic journey to.”

PLUTONIC LAB ‘Echoes (Midnight on Pluto) Ft. LOTEK’

“Back in my teenage life, my days would revolve around skating, graff and writing beats. Once I was on holidays in Adelaide and went into a cool hiphop shop. This was playing and I lost my shit. I had to grab this record. Such tight production from another Aussie legend. Definitely an undiscovered gem if you haven’t heard.”

BODDIKA & JOY ORBISON ‘Mercy (Boddika’s VIP)’

“This is one of those tunes I like to bring out at “Meanwhile” – Lockout from party in Erskineville. This track is a trip out and always summons that dark techno energy on the dance floor!”

THE PRESETS ‘No Fun (Golden Features Remix)’

“Aussie legends remixed by another aussie legend! Golden has been on a roll lately with his deep and dark house vibes! Big tings!”

DUKE DUMONT ‘I Got You (Kilter Remix)’

“After being on the road with the homie Kilter for the past couple of months, this was always a fun point of the night. Gets everyone feeling good and the ladies moving on the floor. Tropical vibes!”


“Ganz has been pumping out so many super fresh future beat flips of some of my fav artists, not to mention a bunch of Aussie artists. I think he should be a certified Aussie after the flips he’s done haha!”

DJEMBA DJEMBA ‘Green Gardens (Djemba’s Fest Edit)’

“Such a huge festival banger. I loved the original remix but this one kicks it up a notch with huge production and a super euphoric drop!”

Words by Caitlin Medcalf





No idea where she’ll be in 10 years, but as long as she has a good record and a glass of white wine, she’ll be sweet.