WAFIA ‘Let Me Love You’


There’s a very good and undeniable chance that a little tune that goes by the name of ‘Let Me Love You’ made it into your top three dramatic sing-a-longs of 2004.

Though MARIO may have delivered this RNB jam to the world, man oh man has WAFIA reworked this hit into a dazzling new piece of electro goodness.

21 year old Brisbane native Wafia Al-Rikabi – WAFIA to us – first came to light with her debut EP back in 2012, with track ‘Alice’ being the standout amongst the pack. More recently, she teamed up with Melbourne producer and a somewhat wunderkind JAPANESE WALLPAPER for the heart-tugging, twinkling mellow-tronica dream called ‘Breathe In’.

The two clearly and undeniably hit the mark with their collaboration, as ‘Breathe In’ soon found itself featured on the soundtrack for Zach Braff‘s film, Wish You Were Here (alongside BON IVER, THE SHINS and more. No biggie) and the season finale of Channel Ten drama series, Offspring.

For this cover, Al-Rikabi injects the track with her delicate vocals, a splash of vibrant synth work, tight percussion hits and an ever-so-wistful vibe throughout. The bass-line keeps it all moving along and provides that underlying kick that so perfectly binds everything together, whilst also serving a good dose of grooving along to. Please excuse me as I attempt to get over this perfection.

Words by Alean Penaflor



Consumed by sweet melodies, Alean Penaflor suffers from muzak obsessionitis; the inability to see, think or hear anything beyond the realms of the music sphere.