Poupon ‘Fall Back’ EP


Canadian producer POUPON has released a fresh EP entitled ‘Fall Back’ which proves to be a masterclass in garage house aesthetics. Hot off the back of his recent THUMP mix, he has received BBC 1 Radio acclaim and has become one to watch.

The title track off the EP features vocals from SAM MOFFATT and creates an insane pastiche of dark tones that allow you to lose yourself in a creamy Deep House abyss. ‘Fall Back’ is strong while remaining subtle with it’s soft R & B vocals combined with searing synth and galactic beats.

You can picture this tune getting major playback at countless summer parties as you take in the hot breeze while sipping an ice cold mojito. There is just something so smooth about this track.

The second and final track off the EP is titled ‘So Long’ and this track purely encapsulates a breathy goodness. The ghoulish beats create an air of electronic apathy while the skittish vocals make for a creepy yet intriguing track. ‘So Long’ stands out as an ode to all that is right about the Deep House scene at the moment and creates visions of stalking through a dimly lit dance-floor, as you make your way through billowing smoke and thrashing bodies.

‘Fall Back’ from POUPON is one of those two track EP’s that can capture the raw aesthetic of the producer in around 15 minutes.

Words by Jessica Holton





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