George Maple ‘Talk Talk’


Introducing the latest signing to legendary label Future Classic: Jess Higgs, better known as George Maple. Having lived and worked in London for the past two years, the Sydney-Based artist has also announced her debut EP Vacant Space. And what better way to celebrate all this good news than with the release of lead single ‘Talk Talk’?

For those unfamiliar with George Maple, this track contains everything that the young musician is all about. Polished, soulful vocals take center stage over a rich electronic backdrop. It may not in fact be the first time that many listeners have heard her, that angelic voice also appearing on ‘Bring You Down,’ the opening track off Flume’s self titled album in 2012.

And Higgs is no stranger to the big stage, having recently performed her first Australian shows in support of Swedish group Little Dragon. Indeed it would seem that she is held in very high regard amongst professionals in the industry. Considering the very warm reception she received at her Australian shows, along with the strength of ‘Talk Talk,’ the future certainly does looks very bright for George Maple.

George Maple will be performing at Bigsound on Wednesday the 10th of September

Words by Sebastian Henry-Jones