Franskild ‘Your Love’

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If the mere thought of no-fuss, chilled house beats has you feeling all warm and fuzzy, then don’t go searching beyond Love Ojensa and Tim Soderstrom, the clever masterminds behind Swedish production duo FRANSKILD. 

Earlier in the year the pair released their single ‘Clockworks’, a curious sounding track that was simultaneously eerie and evocative. Their latest track ‘Your Love’, however, is a super cruise-control number with stubbornly good constant vibes and is more on the cheerful side of the electronic sphere.

It’s a steady interplay of hi-hats, delicate keys line, snappy synth-work and pulsating bass that has itself wriggling its ways into your ears and out through your fingertips and toes.

The song features vocal work from Ojensa‘s sister, Rebekka, who’s a frequenter in the FRANSKILD‘s works. Rebekka‘s vocals adds a raspy layer to ‘Your Love’, interlocking with the body-swaying beats of the song. Part of the Lotss Records clan, FRANSKILD‘s forthcoming EP of the same name is set for release on October 12, with the title-track song serving as its A-side whilst its B-side is a song titled ‘Wannabe’.

Words by Alean Penaflor



Consumed by sweet melodies, Alean Penaflor suffers from muzak obsessionitis; the inability to see, think or hear anything beyond the realms of the music sphere.