Sophie ‘Lemonade’


Bubblegum, coconuts, squiggles, rays of sunshine, helium vocals and candy boys. Enter SOPHIE’s zonked world of pops and squeaks, where cutesy creatures ruminate over their crush while smacking on a lollipop and sipping a grape Fanta through a curly straw.

The UK producer has released a new single through the Numbers record label, and to tell the truth it’s not really like anything you’ve heard before. Surprisingly, there’s actually not that much going on in this track. Only a few elements leave plenty of room for those ridiculously pitched up vocals to weave their magic.

It’s really these vocals that contain what the tune is all about. Twinkles, slippery blips and lots of fizzy goodness. Lemonade is short and sweet, an aesthetic more than it is a sound, bursting with attitude. Following in the footsteps of 2013’s “Bipp,” “Lemonade is simply infectious.

“Lemonade” is released through Numbers August 4.

Words by Sebastian Henry Jones