Les Sins ‘Michael’


CHAZ BUNDICK is a man of many talents. Most well known as TORO Y MOI, BUNDICK also works on his dance music side project under the moniker of LES SINS.

LES SINS is set to release his debut studio album later in the year on November 4th through Company Records, a new partnership between BUNDICK and Carpark Records. The album, titled ‘Michael’ has been recorded in his home studio over the last two years, and will be a heavily instrumental record, featuring guest vocals from singer/songwriter NATE SALMAN.

LES SINS says he drew inspiration for ‘Michael’ from popular cartoons and movie soundtracks, and has blended together these familiar sounds with a wide spanning range of genres including French electro, house and dance music. Throw in a good dose of synths and catchy hooks and it kind of feels like I’m describing the theme music to a 90’s video game, but nope, that’s just LES SINS for you. BUNDICK spoke of the album, saying what he has created using his unique production style would be the perfect fit for the neon light clad streets of Ginza, Tokyo.

The first single off the track ‘Bother’ embodies the idea LES SINS plays with of sampling and looping vocals, sounds and other strange, unusual noises and combining them (somehow) into a single piece. The beginning, middle and end of ‘Bother’ are all completely separate from one another, yet LES SINS works his magic and enables the track to work in an impressive display of abstract harmony

While drawing inspiration for ‘Michael’ from various sounds and images, LES SINS tells that the most influential creative inspiration came from his favourite graphic designer P.Rand, who said “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.”

Words By Adriana Barro





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