Kele ‘Doubt’


Off the back of his success as a solo artist with his last album ‘The Boxer’, KELE delves further into the world of dance music with his upcoming LP ‘Trick’ due for release in October of this year. In preparation for this, a track off the much anticipated LP has been dropped, keeping in theme with the allusive one word titles, we have ‘Doubt.’

The five minute long track leans toward the darker side of KELE productions, yet with his distinctive vocals and talent for creating captivating, raw narratives within his lyrics, ‘Doubt’ still feels oddly familiar.

The track serves as a little peek into the window of what ‘Trick’ is going to bring to the table, revealing a nocturnal, underground atmosphere with a slightly foreboding undertone, all the while coated in an infectiously dancey beat, that like all of KELE‘s productions is near impossible to tear away from.

KELE is an artist that has experimented within his boundaries, and then worked to expand them exploring new territories and what he can offer them. If ‘Doubt’ is a true reflection of what to come, it would seem KELE has found a new niche to work within, and has developed on his wealth of knowledge for not only the British club scene, but pop, electronica and dance music in general.

‘Trick’ will be out on October 10th, via Kobalt Label Services, and is currently available for pre-order.

Words By Adriana Barro



Before I disappoint anyone, I don’t have a hobby and can’t do any weird party trick shit, but hey that’s still fine in my books.