Industry Anticipation Builds For OutsideIn 2014 + Our Festival Playlist


The first announcement for this year’s OutsideIn Festival has been announced and there are plenty of names on the bill which we’re excited about seeing such as THE PHARCYDE, SEEKAE, PANTHA DU PRINCE, GIRAFFAGE, CLIENT LIAISON, TORNADO WALLACE, ROME FORTUNE, GUERRE, RETIREE and many more.

OutsideIn feels almost like a music conference where even the most educated music enthusiasts will discover a new favourite act. In 2012 these artists for me were EVENINGS and OLIVER TANK, while last year I became obsessed with BADBADNOTGOOD and ANDRAS FOX & OSCAR KEY SUNG.

With tickets already on sale, I decided it was a very appropriate time to create a playlist and hit up some of our music industry peers about their previous festival experiences and who they are most looking forward to checking out on Saturday 29th November. Take it away guys!

“The last OutsideIn was a life highlight. My brother Lee and I had a crazy idea to perform the whole Avalanches ‘Since I Left You’ album live and it turned out to be a beautiful experience. We were so happy to make it to the end of the album and we were all hugging afterwards. Then we all partied to acts like BadBadNotGood and Freddie Gibbs after our set. It was the perfect day. There’s always something consistently special about the festival so I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.” – Jonti Danilewitz (Jonti)

“I’m heaps excited for The Pharcyde! They’ve been one of my favourite hip hop groups since I was young and it was sort of unexpected to see them on the line up. It’s great they’re bringing out such an eclectic bunch of acts that still fit so well together.” – James Michaels (Melty)

“I’m super excited to see DJ Spinn! I saw him at Glastonbury earlier this year, when he provided the cutting edge Chicago footwork sound to some muddy fields in the British countryside. It’s a real energetic vibrant sound and I can’t wait to get another fix in my home town.” – Barney Kato (wordlife)

“As predictable as it sounds, I’m heaps keen to see The Pharcyde. They’re an old favourite that I’ve never had the chance to catch live. Also, I haven’t caught a Seekae show in years so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve been up to. OutsideIn was definitely a highlight of last year and it looks like Astral People have nailed it again lineup wise!” – Klue (True Vibenation)

“Seeing Jam City last year was incredible and I can’t wait for this year! Also, it will be my birthday at midnight!” – Sebastian Carlos (Basenji)

“We’re looking forward to this year’s event considering that a lot of our friends are on the bill, as well as great international artists. We’ll also be lugging our copious amount of gear a little closer to home! Client Liaison we’re excited to see. Their shows are always really unique and fun to watch.” – Retiree

“OutsideIn is a unique festival, punters show up and trust the curators and it showcases local talent and respected internationals. My highlight was being side stage with Thom Yorke and Philip Selway watching the Shigeto encore. What more could you ask for than to have those guys attend the first year of your festival?” – Reece Cooper (Bon Chat, Bon Rat)

“I’m way keen to check out DJ Spinn this time round. Being one of the top dogs from the Chicago Teklife scene (alongside the late, great DJ Rashad), it’s awesome to finally see the footwork/juke sound getting a place at such a legendary, forward thinking music festival.” – Nick Luke (Moonbase Commander)

“My set in the courtyard last year with Lloyd was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played! I’m really looking forward to seeing HNNY amongst one of the best lineups I’ve seen in ages.” – Andrew Boon (Frames)

Finally, Purple Sneakers subeditor Hannah Galvin shares with us a really special moment from last year’s event and identifies why she believes the 2014 edition will be the most memorable yet.

“My OutsideIn highlight thus far is without a doubt the set led by Jonti and friends for their re-imagination of The Avalanches’ ‘Since I Left You’. Through waiting for the follow up record of the 2000 debut (if it will ever actually come to fruition), the Aussie musicians did the classic LP proud. Performing everything live (with the exception of some samples), there were at least ten artists on stage doing what they do best, including the likes of Rainbow Chan, Polographia, and of course, Jonti. Expelling warmth and pride, they shed their euphoric energy onto their crowd, leaving every single person in that room with not only an amazing memory, but with a smile stretching from ear to ear. It’s special moments like these that make the Australian music scene so ridiculously proud.”

“I’m excited for OutsideIn 2014, as I believe the third year is really going to cement their worth. The inaugural event that took over The Factory Theatre in 2012 held a turnout that nobody could pinpoint prior to the festival, as it was, I suppose, the “guinea pig” of the brand. Resulting in extraordinary success, the second year was still quite new for everybody, as it meant that the festival wasn’t just a one hit wonder; they had to prove that they could deliver even bigger and better. As each OutsideIn so far has sold out in advance, it’s surely given the amazing guys behind Astral People and Yes Please a head of confidence. To flood the space of a different venue with a huge international lineup, as well as sets from some of Australia’s most prolific electronic artists, I couldn’t be more excited to attend OutsideIn this year!”

Purchase your OutsideIn Festival tickets HERE while you listen to our 14 track playlist below!

Words by Tony Kingston




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