WATCH: FKA Twigs & Inc. ‘FKA x Inc.’ (Official Video)


Future-R&B icons, both as shrouded in mystery as one another, FKA TWIGS & INC. have appeared on a single together, with the surprise of the official video arriving suddenly without warning, and without a title. It’s the good type of surprise but will leave you asking questions and wanting more, just they want it.

Cloaked in black and white, the images match the solemn tone of the and downtempo track. With a subtle yet ever-moving undertow of bass acting as an anchor point for the tune, TWIGS & INC. both play off one another in harmonious duet becoming the focal point within the sparse setting.

Presented as a one-off single, the track will leave you wanting more from the collaboration. Could this be a teasing ploy or really the bittersweet truth that this will indeed be all that is to heard from the collaborative effort? Only time will tell, but for now – watch and listen to FKA x INC. above.

Words by Nick Luke



One part Moonbase Commander, one part Purple Sneakers DJ, one part Purple Sneakers Radio producer – all parts good guy.