LISTEN: Sable ‘Feels So Good’ EP


This time last year, we’d never even heard of SABLE. Why? Because John Dewhurst was yet to create it. Releasing his debut single ‘Feels So Good’ just two months ago, the man has unleashed the entire EP sharing the same name, and we’ve got the first official feature!

Some would say that Dewhurst has been incredibly lucky with how his music activity has fallen into place so early on with his Sable project. He’s managed to reach the second spot in Triple J’s Most Played chart (the first spot, mind you, occupied by the Presets), was the first signee to Pilerats’ record label and has seen his critically acclaimed single ‘Feels So Good’ reach over 130,000 plays on Soundcloud! So yeah, it’s happened quickly, but to deem it as “luck” would be ignorant; as Sable‘s fresh footing in the electronic dance music scene is one of high value – a point that’s been exemplified through the release of his debut EP.

Amping us up with an energetic d-floor anthem sees Feels So Good open with ‘Foolin’. Moving your body a little faster than the usual dancey bop, Sable has reached out with shimmering synths, female vocals, hand snaps and all round good vibes. Co-ordinating the instrumentation to ascend in pitch rather than fall into a pit, it’s quite a fun way to open up the five-track EP.

‘Heights’ take a different route. Entering with a cheeky arrangement lead by a quick beat and what sounds like a glockenspiel, the track transforms into a large unit of production, with synths and beats travelling together like a school of fish; yet somehow making you feel not so together, but stuck in limbo. After a quick revisit to the opening melody, we find ourselves in an even larger dimension, enabling the title of the track to become super relevant.

‘Want U Girl’ sits nicely in the middle, and is definitely one of the EP’s standouts. Fashioning a much more elegant beat, the use of the words “want you” being repeated throughout the entire track is rather cute, and is definitely a greater gift to spoil your other half with rather than an overpriced rose today. Pretty convenient that this EP was released on Valentines Day hey..

Sable has once again mixed up the composition, as ‘Mana Pool’ nurtures the best of both worlds in regards to what we’ve heard so far within Feels So Good. With a melody created  by a toy-like synth line happily cruising through, we’re also once again greeted by the large, metallic bursts of noise that act like fireworks lighting up the rear of the tracks space. Fostering a huge capacity of noise, it’s nice to hear the smaller elements dominate the audacious synths exploding in the background, as it allows the listener to attune to the finer details in ‘Mana Pool’.

To close Feels So Good is the EP’s title track. If you’ve kept up to date with your great friends here at Purple Sneakers, you’d surely know by now how much we dig this track. Again vocally using the title of the track repeatedly throughout the entire tune, the literal meaning of these vocals are brought to life by the variety of textures being created by the instrumentation crafted. Composed with utter euphoria, it’s the type of track you want to make animate, share a few drinks with, get to know and then dance with for an eternity. It’s just that good.

Sable‘s Feels So Good EP is now digitally available to stream via Pilerats’ Soundcloud. If you bunch of babes want to make it official this Valentines Day, you’re now also able to preorder the EP in order to cuddle it forever HERE.

Words by Hannah Galvin.





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