LISTEN: High Hoops ‘Magic Rain’


This atmospheric tune from HIGH HOOPS really starts off setting out the dreamscape, while slowly and sensually disrobing for listeners. The production of the track is seamless and features echoing vocals that seem to be blotted out by pounding bass and foggy synth.

Lyrics promise of moving away to The Hamptons or to New Orleans, girl. This track could be likened to that of a cosmic style mermaid. You realise you are being charmed, seduced, even manipulated by this track- but you just keep on coming back for more.

The beats are steady, with percussion grinding over a seething synth. The track just seems to unfold and reveal itself to be multi-layered, fresh, and enigmatic. The vocals become hypnotic, and after a while you may wonder “What ever happened to the time?”

The New Zealand born producer takes cues from Deep House, Techno, and New Wave Pop to display an ethereal  mix of sounds, making ‘Magic Rain’ the kind of tune to combat any kind of weather.

Words by Jess Holton



Writing is my thing, I dress up as Bruce Springsteen to all themed parties. I can rap all of Dre 2001. I enjoy making breakfast meals, nighttime, large glasses of wine. What else..oh yeah, I like listening to disco tunes while I eat schnitzel.