WATCH: Sable ‘Feels So Good’ (Official Video)

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Early December, our bros over at Pilerats announced the very first release for their freshly launched label. This release was a single called ‘Feels So Good’, constructed by a gent named John Dewhurst – better known as SABLE by the 100,000 odd heroes who have played his song on Soundcloud. 

With the single garnering the traction it so rightly deserves, the dude has just released the clip to the track for your attentive, viewing pleasure. Lately we’ve noticed a lot of house and hip hop musicians employ the three dimensional, digital graphics to fill the void on our screens. In saying that, it seems as though Sable has followed suit.

With focus on a giant slither of rainbow rock levitating in the centre of a holey, green grid, we find ourselves following translucent hexagons and triangles orbiting around the giant piece. Soon realising the time [literally] flying past we approach the real life motions of a girl, sensitively abiding by the cool breaths of a breeze kissing her bare skin. With the involvement of geometric shapes entering her space, we suddenly realise there’s a connection in play between the two aspects of the clip.

Judging by the interaction of the two alongside the title of the track repeating itself endlessly within the song’s time frame, it would be easy to assume that the majority of this clip imitates the euphoric mind of an individual experiencing some sort of high.

Sable‘s debut single ‘Feels So Good’ is available for purchase via iTunes NOW. Stay tuned for the drop of his 5-track debut EP release available 14th February!

Words by Hannah Galvin.





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