LISTEN: Mac Demarco ‘Passing Out Pieces’


90% of the time, I would say MAC DEMARCO embodies this “troublemaker” persona, like those few kids you’d encounter in primary school who’d constantly be kicking your leg under the table, or eating a cricket in the playground at recess.

But yet, this other 10% of the time he embodies this quite reserved musician, making music that continues to surprise and captivate us all as an audience. ‘Passing out the Pieces’ is the first official song to be released off the Canadian fuzz-rocker’s upcoming LP ‘Salad Days’.

We are thrown straight into this blend of brass instruments, harpsichord synths, and an unfamiliar atmosphere, until we hear the serene sounds of that oh-so-familiar electric guitar plucking another crafty riff, and we instantly know, this is MAC DEMARCO. He kind of exposes a sense of vulnerability with the lyrics too, expressing “seems that every time I turn, I’m passing out pieces of me.” Almost as if he’s trying to deal with this bout of fame he’s found himself coming across.

His lyrics remain an insight into the mind of his eclectic self, yet the sound itself is something entirely different of what we would expect from Mac. Don’t expect Salad Days to be much like Rock and Roll Night Club or 2, expect it to be something entirely new altogether.

Words by Caitlin Medcalf




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