LISTEN: Chrome Sparks ‘Lookin At Me’


Brooklyn-based producer and purveyor of crazy-ass bass music CHROME SPARKS has brought us an Xmas treat for free, a brand spanking, mind-bending track entitled ‘Lookin At Me’. Read on and skitz out.

‘Lookin At Me’ is a huge rushing explosion of freaky rhythms and sounds congealing into a tune that feels like a hip-hop track staggering between the realms of footwork and trap at every bar. Snare rushes and askewed bass flourishes dominate the tune whilst a daunting vocal sample walks all over the track in disjointed syncopated rhythms.

Some may read the description above and think ill of the track before listening to it. Don’t be fooled, everything works so well together in ‘Lookin At Me’, it’s a wonderfully weird breath of fresh air in a world full of bland big room bangers and anthems.

As abstract as this CHROME SPARKS track is, it has the potential to become a formidable club track, and it will definitely be interesting to see how DJ’s react to this change of pace in club sets across the world.

More of these weird rhythms need to surface, bring it on!

Words by Nick Luke



One part Moonbase Commander, one part Purple Sneakers DJ, one part Purple Sneakers Radio producer – all parts good guy.