XXXX Summer Bright Lager Announces #YouIn


“What’s summer without the beach? What about good music, BBQ’s and tall cold ones? Don’t scare yourself too much with the answer to that question, because the guys from XXXX Summer Bright Lager have got you covered.

In the spirit of bringing summer to life, and to celebrate the good times that are brought with the sun-drenched season, XXXX Summer Bright have dreamt up a way to get the creative juices flowing this summer, along with the help of Dave.

Dave is a guy from Chepstow, Wales living in Australia on a 1 year visa, searching for the Aussie adventure. Cue XXXX Summer Bright. To help Dave, they devised a way to give him the most out of his time, utilizing instagram. Each day at 3 pm the mad beer-scientists at XXXX Summer Bright send out an instagram pic on their official @XXXXsummerbright profile with a mission for Dave to complete before midnight. All he has to do is take a insta-pic of himself doing said mission for it to be completed.

Now, it’s not all about Dave – we get to have some fun too. Anyone can join in the fun by following the official @XXXXsummerbright instagram account and following the missions posted daily. All you have to do is reply to the day’s mission with a picture with the hashtag #YouIn for it to be seen. Then the most original/interesting/hilarious photo of the day gets a coveted XXXX Summer Bright prize. Shiny.

With some already hilarious responses coming in with the #YouIn hashtag, the missions are only getting more interesting by the day (take todays one, that simply reads: “TITANIC POSE.” Genius).

You can follow the official XXXX Summer Bright instagram HERE.


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