INTERVIEW: The Kite String Tangle

the kite string tangle

Brisbane-based producer Danny Harley has been a very busy boy lately. Better known the world over as THE KITE STRING TANGLE, he has steadily been releasing a a healthy amount of increasingly stunning music which has been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response worldwide, particularly online.

As well as being a part of the huge Aussie electronic band PIGEON, Danny’s solo project proves to show that this producer is also very much in touch with the other, more introspective side of the electronic spectrum.

I recently got the chance to sit down with the multi-talented producer and vocalist to get an insight into how THE KITE STRING TANGLE came to be.

How long have you been producing?

I’ve been producing electronic music for probably about five or six years now. I discovered through just recording organic instruments and realised how extensive the possibilities are within the electronic domain.

How did you start making music?

I started making music when I was 12-ish. My parents bought me a nylon string guitar after some comprehensive nagging and then I started playing bass in a pop punk band when I was living in the UK. Greenday covers and what not. SO good. It just sort of snowballed from there I guess.

You’ve been playing a bunch of big shows lately, BIGSOUND and the Red Deer Music Festival for instance. How did those shows come about, and how did they go?

The BIGSOUND showcase was a sneaky pre-showcase that was put on by Mucho Bravado, resident cool dudes in Brisbane, and the Red Deer guys are great. Both shows went really well with big turn outs and unreal reactions. It was the first shows I’d played where I could see people singing my lyrics which is a fairly bizarre but rewarding experience.

Can you walk us through a typical TKST show? What kind of setup do you use live?

I currently perform solo and have a variety of bits and bobs on stage. I have a laptop with a MIDI controlled keyboard with knobs and faders and pads and keys. I’ve got another keyboard sampler, some vocal effects and some Roland SPD-X pads that I get to hit with sticks which is always fun.

What are your plans for your next release?

I’m hoping to get a debut EP out at the start of next year. I’m really wanting the music to be the best it can possibly be at this particular point in my life so I don’t want to release anything until I’m totally happy with it, but if all goes according to plan it should be early next year.

What are your thoughts on the Aussie music scene at the moment?

I actually think it’s very healthy. Theres a lot of support for a lot of Australian music at the moment and I think even internationally, Australia is seen as a major contributor to new and innovative music. Go Australia.

You’re also part of the Brissy band PIGEON, is it easy to manage being a part of two recording and touring acts?

It hasn’t been particularly difficult as of yet. It’s really just a matter of good time management and forethought. Both acts are fairly all-consuming but I think it’s a matter of being smart about it.

Any plans for future collaborations?

I actually have a collaboration with Canadian act ADVENTURE CLUB coming out this month. If you’ve ever heard their stuff it may seem like an odd match but I’m really happy with the end result and can’t wait for it to come out.

Favourite Aussie acts right now?

I’m loving Charles Murdoch, Mitzi, Panama, SAFIA, MTNS and I could name a whole bunch more but these are the first ones that came to mind. There’s so much good music coming out of Australia right now that it’s hard to keep track of.


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Words by Nick Luke



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