CANT SAY ft. Beni, Michael Phelps Backstroke, Flexx & More


Okay Melbourne gang, it’s time to get yourself sorted for this week’s events. What should you do? Well, can we suggest that you should catch one of the countries greatest electro/house stars, BENI, at CANT SAY?

Beni’s been curious since the beginning. From the formidable years spent watching his father perform to the genre-jumping Avalanches gig that inspired the producer to pick up turntables and sharpen his DJ skills on school days. “I was horrible at first,” he admits, “trying to put rap, disco and funk together without realizing that a 94 BPM track isn’t going to go with a 125 one.”

The crate digger kept at it, though, tightening his sets until they became fluid blends of decade-spanning dance music. The bricks that built the House of Beni, if you will. On the peak hour side of things, there’s the tunnel vision techno of “O.P.U.L.E.N.C.E.,” the head rush hooks of “Last Night,” and the gear-shifting grooves of “Yeah,” a telling look at the film score tendencies that lurk beneath Beni’s laser-like loops.

The peaceful passage sets the stage for House of Beni’s delicate denouement—the icy keys, pressure-cooked percussion, and vaporous Via Tania vocals of ‘Zig Zag’. It’s a perfect example of what happens when music is a genuine meeting of the minds, rather than an excuse to drop names and appeal to as many crossover audiences as possible. It’s also proof that you can make a cohesive album from impromptu sessions in such truly distinct cities as Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Sydney and Saint-Brieuc, a small town in the Brittany region of France.

On lead support for the night is Melbourne’s own Michael Phelps Backstroke. Apart from having a wicked alias, this is actually one half of the duo, Indian Summer. When he’s on his own, he’ll be providing some rad throwbacks as well as plenty of new shit, so get ready to party.

The night will also feature the likes of Flexx, Airwolf, Tomderson, J Heasy and the rest of the resident DJ party squad.

Why am I in a bathtub full of ice with one kidney missing?


Words by Tom Hutchins



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