PREMIERE: Ginger And The Ghost ‘The Red Balloon’ Remixes


Mysterious avant-indie pop Sydney duo GINGER AND THE GHOST have just simultaneously released two remixes for their latest single ‘THE RED BALLOON’.

The original track has an eclectic range of instruments, from what sounds like dulcimers to other strange stringed instruments – rarely heard instruments in pop music. The vocals of who I assume to be GINGER shimmer high above the structures of the instrumentation in a haze of dreamy sweet tones.

These vibes are completely switched up and taken into brave new territories when the two remixers take over for their respective tunes. CESARE is first up, bringing the tune to a house sensibility, combining poppy bass rhythms and italo-disco arpeggios with the lush vocals of the original single, a take that works extremely well together – especially during the monologue towards the end of the track, I felt as though it was a track closer to the likes of Kano or Glass Candy.

Last but certainly not least, is the second remix, this time by producer SET MO. Still staying in the realm of house is really the only thing this remix has in common with the first. Holding onto the stringed instruments here and there, the track revolves around it’s pulsing bass line.

The SET MO remix feels a lot more racier and at times more soundtrack-esque, as if I could be cruising along a highway at night with this track in the tapedeck. Heavily extended, coming in at seven minutes and thirty seconds, this remix takes the original vocal track to the extreme, however it never feels forced or convoluted.

With two great remixes further cementing the momentum present within the single, GINGER AND THE GHOST are proving to be a rising heavyweight within the Australian indie scene. We’re certainly keeping an eye on them to see what’s next!


Wed Oct 2
Goodgod, Sydney

Thurs Oct 3
Boney Nightclub, Melbourne

Words by Nick Luke



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