Kitsuné Announces ‘Maison 15’ Compilation


Legendary French label KITSUNE is back once again in full ultra-chic force with the announcement of their latest instalment in the ‘MAISONcompilation series.

‘MAISON 15’ is (you guessed it) the 15th chapter in the compilation series which is complimented with 15 exclusive tracks from the label. Boldly covering territories between sounds of disco-tinged pop such as Chela’s ‘Romanticise’, before delving into the dense vibes of deep house remixes (see Oliver Nelson’s remix of Portland’s Deezy Daisy‘), exploring everything in between.

To further prepare us for this monster of a compilation, the good guys at KITSUNE have brought French DJ Jerry Bouthier on board to bring us a compacted minimix which squeezes a whopping 10 of the total 15 tracks from the compilation into a 5-minute time span.

Now, if the comments from the minimix are anything to go by, I think it’s safe in speculating that I am certainly not the only person who has this on repeat in sheer anticipation for the release of ‘MAISON 15’.

Here at Purple Sneakers, we’re never happy with just bringing you the simple news of an announcement, we like to kick it up a notch – which is why we’ve snagged hold of the complete compilation tracklisting for you:

1. Antimatter People – Only Ark
2. Go Wolf – Voices
3. Jake Bullit – Moonshine
4. Jonny Pierce – Home
5. Chela – Romanticise
6. Horixon – Lifeline (ft. Robert Owens)
7. Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson remix)
8. The Swiss – Kiss to Kiss (Amtrac remix)
9. Techniques – Switch (Adelaide remix)
10. Years & Years – Traps
11. Nonono – Scared
12. Dillon Cooper – State Of Elevation
13. Denitia & Sene – Casanova
14. David Harks – Sirens
15. Kilo Kish – Goldmine
(plus BONUS track: The Wytches – Summer Again)

KITSUNE’s ‘MAISON 15’ is set to be released on Oct 21st via LP, CD and Digital stores everywhere.

Words by Nick Luke





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