INTERVIEW: Hayden James

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Sydney based producer, HAYDEN JAMES, popped up out of nowhere earlier this year and literally swept away the entire electronic community in Australia. His brooding love based themes and disco influence has brought another new style and life into the wider community and we feel everyone is better off because of it.

His Self-Titled debut EP has just dropped through the taste-makers over at Future Classic, so we thought we’d steal a couple of minutes with the new kid on the block to see how this new found fame is treating him.

How long have you been producing?

On and off for a few years.. anything from hip hop, house, disco. All the stuff I used to write was skewed towards playing in clubs I guess, as opposed to now where I’m writing more songs to be played whenever, wherever.

Your debut EP has just dropped. What kind of response has it had?

It’s been a long(ish) process, but it’s so great to have it out there. Really taken by surprise by the reaction it’s had already. The EP follows a narrative. I love writing to a story – that really inspires me.

How did you start making music?

At school I played a few different instruments and from there I started DJing a bit. Production was just a natural progression/the next step.

You were recently signed to Future Classic, how did all that come about?

I sent some demos to the guys at Future Classic last year and they were excited about what I was writing. That’s pretty much it. It’s awesome to be part of such a great Aussie label.

Your track ‘Permission To Love’ has blown up pretty huge, and for good reason! How did that song come about?

It’s nuts. I can’t believe the reaction ‘Permission’ received. This is the first song I wrote on the EP and actually the first time I sang on anything. This track came to me pretty quickly. [I] wrote it in a few hours, but spent a bit of time on the production side of it. The ones you write the quickest tend to be the best ideas I think.

Quickly talk us through your songwriting process

For me, it’s different every time. Usually though it starts with me just mucking around on the piano. Once I have a chord progression that i feel, it all flows from there.

What are your future plans post-EP release?

I’m focusing on putting together a live show right now. First show booked for late November. CAN NOT WAIT! I’m also writing a lot and working with a few singers.

What are you thoughts on the Australian electronic scene at the moment?

Strong. There’s a huge variety of stuff out at the moment. It’s cool to see that people are liking the more down tempo music as much as the more energetic styles.

Favourite Aussie producers?

Flerm, Motez, Touch Sensitive, Cassian, Chet Faker, Ta-Ku, Leaderboy..I could go on. There’s so much good music out there!

Who would you like to collaborate most with at this point in time?

I am writing with a really unique vocalist at the moment which is going really well. Wish list – Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, AlunaGeorge, Lorde.

Words: Nick Luke





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