INTERVIEW: Cloud Control

Cloud Control

CLOUD CONTROL are an Australian born four-piece who mix folk with dreampop; ground up in a mortar of experimentation. Due to this concoction, they’re likely to attract the hearts of your mother, teenage brother, 86 year old nan and your hairy four-legged friends.

They released their sophomore record Dream Cave roughly a month ago, and are currently in the midst of touring it around Australia with support by Sydney pals Palms and Gang Of Youths.

Continuing to spend the next few weeks on the road, Heidi Lenffer of the group (keys, vocals, tambourine) was kind enough to answer a few questions for us on behalf of the Cloud Control team!

It’s been rumoured that you guys met at a musical that you were all a part of. Is this true?

Not true. I wrote a fictitious biography as a joke in the first year of our band life and 7 years later we are still escaping the effects of those playful lies.

If Cloud Control never became a band, what careers do you think each of you would have undertaken?

Jeremy: The Ombudsman

Alister: fitness demonstrator on Shaun T’s Insanity workout dvds

Ulrich: Creator of CatCravat.Com, manufacturer of fine feline wares

Heidi: a humble factory line worker at the CatCravat empire

You’ve just released your sophomore album Dream Cave. How long did it take to write and record?

One year of full time writing, and two months of recording and adding the ear candy.

How did you discover the cave that Dream Cave was recorded in?

We launched at least four road trips across the UK and trekked guitars and recording gear into the dank recesses of limestone caves and quarries until we found the one with the least drips and easiest access.

Does the album follow a specific storyline?

Nope, but we deliberated long and hard over the tracklisting to get the musical narrative right.

Favourite tracks off Bliss Release and Dream Cave, go!

Bliss Release: Meditation Song #2

Dream Cave: Island Living

You’re heading off on your Australian tour in celebration of Dream Cave. What are you most excited for on this tour?

Chatting to people after the shows. The best part of being in a band is hearing the stories of what our songs get up to in the life of someone else.

What’s the weirdest situation that you’ve experienced whilst being on tour?

Accidentally crashing a 21st party in Dublin which we thought was a club and then being invited to stay because the host mistook us for the Temper Trap. We posed for photos and they dj’d ‘Sweet Disposition’ several times. Awkward.

What’s the best live show you’ve ever attended?

Beyonce at the 02 Arena in London. I’m a big fan of commercial pop and she is the queen of pop culture for a very good reason. Beyonce has the dials maxed for every skill that makes a star.

You’re holding a competition where you’ll be performing at the house of one very lucky Australian fan. How will this performance be different from the usual ticketed Cloud Control shows?

It’ll just be the four of us with a guitar and some random percussion instruments playing any song from our back catalogue for as long as people want in an ad hoc audience-collaborative fashion. More importantly we’ll all eat bbq goodies together and hopefully they have SingStar.

Words by Hannah Galvin.





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