WATCH: Doprah ‘San Pedro’ (Official Video)


Falling in love with Christchurch duo DOPRAH was a little bit like jumping into the ocean with bricks attached to my ankles (in the best possible way). Five months ago they released ‘Whatever You Want’, the first single from their debut album.

The ambient sounds were pleasurably familiar, comforting and easy to listen to on repeat. Six or ten or twenty times later, you fully realise that you’re listening to it like it’s the last thing you want to hear. The adrenaline is there and your heart has risen to be a lump in your throat and nothing else matters, except the vocals of crazy talented Indira Force and Steven Marr beckoning you into their strange little world.

Then came ‘Stranger People’, with a sound that floats along in a way that trip hop pioneers, ‘Portishead’ would be proud of.

‘San Pedro’ – the NEW ZEALANDER‘s most recent August release enters a new atmosphere; presenting something beautiful, organic and completely surreal.

Playing only their second ever show in their hometown supporting Paquin in the 4th leg of their EP release tour, I have all my fingers and toes and everything else crossed that we won’t have to wait long before they grace our Aussie shores.

Falling in love with DOPRAH was exactly like jumping into the ocean with bricks attached to my ankles.

Words by Taylaa Ayliffe




A creature of habit like myself can often be found at one of Melbourne’s favourite venues hanging off the edge of the bar or trying to climb on stage.